Jessica Sadie-Mae Wetzel

I'm 15
I'm different
My blog says all that you need to know about me
Ask away.


I’m entirely too excited about Dylan Sprouse’s nudes. They’re hot and he’s taking it so well. Always been in love with him, dreams do come true, never give up kids


wow…suddenly dylan sprouse is a lot of peoples #mcm today…


In an effort to shed her Disney image, Miley Cyrus has made racy music videos, twerked in next to nothing live on stage, taken several nudes, and just generally been horrid. All it took for Dylan Sprouse to gain respect, and for us to see him as a mature adult, was for him to handle those pictures of him the way he did. You don’t need to turn into a media joke to become an adult. Just ACT like one.

(Source: danceinmerlinspants)

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